Education tailored to the needs of your students and school Start today with the education of tomorrow! Our one-stop-shop is based on the needs of your students, class and school. It allows you to plan, interact with students, follow-up and adapt.

Noteble offers the possibility to facilitate tracks inside
as well as outside the school, and to engage
with external evaluators and parents of your students.
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For in ...

For teachers

Assisting the teacher in coaching the student

For students

A learning path tailored to your passions and talents

For coordinators

Dashboard and information based on the focus of the coordinator

... but also for outside the classroom!

For parents

Receive a clear view of the talents of your child

For external mentors

Making coaching on the workplace easier


Plan ahead

Work with Noteble to create your dynamic annual plan, to add your class schedule, to follow up on to do’s or to let the student plan tasks on their own.

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Engage with your student in the learning process

Create instructions or give dynamic exercises, tailored to the needs of the student. Organize livestreaming sessions via Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Give feedback and receive input from your students during meetings.

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Personalized follow-up

Evaluate and report in the way which works best for your school: via rubrics, points, competences or colors.

In our student monitoring system, you can follow up on the student and also register their absence.

The talent portfolio of the student gathers learning goals from inside as well as outside the school. This in a cross-curricular, cross-class, and cross-year manner.

Everything is possible in Noteble.

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Adapt based on data and analysis

Every student has his own learning process.

Respond to growing points as well as strong points, and adapt your planning where necessary, or let the student assess his own qualities and plan his own tasks.

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And much more ...

Integrations with platforms

Noteble is linked with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, administrative platforms (Wisa and Informat), class schedules (Untis, EDT, TimeTech, Myro), Discimus, …
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Experiences and on-the-job trainings, such as internships, take up a prominent place Within Noteble. Together with the evaluators of the company offering the internship, it is possible to design and follow up on a tailor-made track.

Talent portfolio

The talent portfolio gives the student the opportunity to present a clear overview on obtained competences and learning goals from inside as well as outside the classroom, or to set their own goals.

Some of the schools that are part of the Noteble community

Become part of the growing Noteble community

Are you interested in learning how other schools are using Noteble? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, so that we can connect you with one of our community members. Send an e-mail to [email protected] and start today with the education of tomorrow!

Noteble is a user-friendly evaluation platform for teachers and gives a clear overview of curriculum objectives (to be reached or already reached), student and class. As a school, you can do multiple adaptations in function of your specific vision on evaluating. The constructive cooperation and support from Noteble is an added value and positive experience.

Marc Van der Eycken (TAC - TSM Mechelen)

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