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To guide you through our platform, we hereby give a more detailed overview of the functionalities.
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Yearly planning

Make use of the dynamic year plannings. Prepare them together with your colleagues and add goals and learning outcomes where necessary. Adaptations? No problem, the year plannings are matched with projects and themes and update automatically when adaptations are being made.


Make use of your favorite timetable!
In Noteble it is possible to add the timetables of Untis, MyRo, EDT, TimeTech and Excel.

Calendar & school agenda

The calendar & school agenda are directly linked to Outlook or Google Calendar. Tasks, tests, appointments, to do’s, events, … are added directly to the agenda and can be shared with colleagues and external stakeholders.

Reservation & parent-teacher meetings

Make use of your favorite tools with the Google & Microsoft integration, to make reservations and to plan parent-teacher meetings within Noteble.

To do's

To do’s are created automatically or can be planned on your own; via the student monitoring system; meeting report; open evaluations, …
Keep a clear overview with useful filters for your to do’s.

Student autonomy

Teachers can give permission to students, so that they can add own to do’s to their agenda. This gives students the opportunity to grow in their planning skills and gives the teacher the chance to adjust this together with the student if necessary.


News & notifications

Share important news with colleagues and stay up-to-date by notifications. These are, if possible, also being mentioned in Classroom or the Teams feed.


Make use of your preferred communication method via the Outlook and Gmail integration.

Live teaching

Plan live lessons via Teams or Google Meet, directly from the Noteble platform.


Within Noteble, “Projects” are a generic term for educational material.
These can be tests, tasks, personal project, internship, …; dynamic as well as static.

Defining projects

Create a project, pair it with goals or competences and add own learning material, such as dynamic tasks, tests, videos, instructions, voicefiles, … Are you using Classroom or Teams? No problem, the projects which are created there, are being uploaded into Noteble!

Submitting projects

Students can submit their projects in the way you prefer. Within Noteble, projects can be filled in, files can be added, and via Classroom, Teams, Office365 or Gsuite, projects can be submitted.

Student autonomy

Give students the opportunity to prioritize their own goals. These goals can be related to the learning plan, or these can be broader goals. When reaching a goal, this then can be added to the talent portfolio. Teachers can do a follow-up on this and can give feedback.


The powerful tracking module of Noteble offers the possibility for a personalized follow-up, which takes into account the needs of the students and school.

Unique evaluations

In Noteble, you can evaluate based on points, numbers, smileys, text, rubrics, competences,... Each school can use its unique evaluation strategy.

Criteria & Rubric

Add your own criteria & rubric so that you get an insight on the steps to be taken by the student, in order to reach the next level of proficiency.

Competences & goals

Give your students customized goals based on the learning plan or your own plan, and receive a clear overview of their competences and goals. Track their learning progression cross-course and cross-year.


Let your students assess and evaluate their own results and active self-evaluation. Because the teacher can add his own criteria to an evaluation, this can also be used as an exercise to see how good a student can assess himself.

External evaluation

External evaluators can be added to a project, to follow up and evaluate. This is ideal for internships, personal projects, field trips, and more.

Direct feedback

Give direct feedback via voicefile, video, attachments or comments, up until the point of learning goals, for a clear overview.


Track absences in a clear and quick manner, and create actions for recurring absences. All absences are shown directly in the student monitoring system and being uploaded to Discimus.


In Noteble, you can create customized reports by using points, charts, goals,... Reports can be made for an individual project, a student, course or class, for specific timeframes.

Teachers’ council & certification

Get a clear overview of the learning progression of the student. Add advices, certifications and degrees.

Student monitoring system & analytics

Internal follow up

Users can create tickets for colleagues. Tickets can also be created automatically and matched with a colleague when a certain action is needed (for example: an item is being created in the monitoring system and the speech therapist needs to add a new appointment).

Student monitoring system

In the flexible student monitoring system for schools, the use of tickets ensures that points don’t get lost in an archive, but remain active. The teacher has the possibility to use analytics in this system.


Get new insights by comparing information within the platform. Make use of predefined questions or create your own questions.

Remediation & differentiation

Unique projects

Create projects (tests, tasks, …) for your student(s) within one or more courses. Create customized projects that respond to the needs of the students.

Personal action- and learning plans

Create your own action- or learning plans, tailored to the needs of the students.

Specific learning paths

Create dynamic learning paths, which your students can follow at their own pace and level.

Grading and planning

Give your student the possibility to determine his own level and plan projects. By doing so, the students gets more autonomy in his learning process. The teacher can be more focused on coaching and guiding the student.

Learning progression

Build on the learning progression of the student. Get a clear overview of where the student situates himself in the learning process, work on the growth points and reward good points. The learning progression can be tracked cross-year to that grade plans and transversal goals can be managed in a correct and effective manner.

Integration possibilities

Google Classroom

Make use of the functionalities or Google Classroom, together with the functionalities in Noteble. Noteble ensures there is a connection with the calendar, the single-sign-on, projects created in Google Classroom and more. Thanks to the integration, both systems work with each other and not apart from each other, so that the school can work without having to worry about this!

Microsoft Teams

Make use of the functionalities or Teams, together with the functionalities in Noteble. Noteble ensures there is a connection with the calendar, the single-sign-on, projects created in Teams and more. Thanks to the integration, both systems work with each other and not apart from each other, so that the school can work without having to worry about this!

Administrative platforms

Noteble foresees the possibility to synchronize daily with the databank of Wisa, Informat or Smartschool.

Single Sign On

Log in with your Google, Microsoft or Smartschool account via the SSO integration in Noteble.


Use your favorite timetable package: Untis, EDT, TimeTech or Myro.

And more to come

Noteble is an educational platform, open to new integrations with external platforms. We strive towards an open system, where everybody can make use of their favorite extensions.

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