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Our core values

One size doesn't fit all

Every student is unique: everybody has a different background, competences, passions or knowledge. That’s why Noteble developed a platform, which offers support towards customized education and makes it clear and structured, without the need for an extra time investment from teachers and administrators.

Education outside the classroom

Growing and learning doesn’t stop when the schoolday is over. Yet, the majority of platforms limit the possibility for follow-up solely to what happens within the school. Noteble makes it possible to involve all actors in learning so that student and teacher can grow everywhere, anywhere and any time.

Open education platform

Every school is unique: it has a specific evaluation strategy, follow-up or ways of offering teaching material. Noteble cooperates with already existing platforms, so that you can continue to use your way of working and your singularity.


Pilot project with first schools (2018)

Noteble started out early 2018 in cooperation with Technical Schools Mechelen, with the goal to “follow up on and evaluate competences in a clear and structured manner”. Currently, the platform has grown to a broadly based educational platform.

Winner Ideaal Duaal (2019)

The Agency for Entrepreneurial Growth, SYNTRA Flanders, is looking for the most innovative ideas in their competition ‘Ideaal Duaal’. In 2019, Noteble was one of the three winners of this competition.

Opening up the platform (2019 - 2020)

After winning the competition of Ideaal Duaal, we’ve opened up the platform for the outside world. In a short amount of time, the platform grew from 5 to 60 schools. During the school year 2019-2020, we’ve further optimized the platform and prepared it for our next big step: the broader education platform.


Noteble is gestart door twee gepassioneerde co-founders en verscheidene developers die het platform mee ondersteunen en uitbouwen. Noteble is een onderdeel van Ivolve BV (BE 0631.968.361 – Spoorwegstraat 27, 9060 Zelzate).

Jasper Goyvaerts
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Joost Berg
Technical owl Noteble
Always on the lookout for technical challenges

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